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Master Builders – The Office of The Prophet

Heritage Church International – Prophetic Training 

With Senior Prophet, Bishop R. S. Walker 

After hearing many of you ask when the next School of Prophets Training would be, I sought the Lord diligently. After much prayer, I felt impressed by the Lord to host a Masterbuilders training on the office of the prophet; it is a training session you will not want to miss! 

The Fivefold Ministry Masterbuilders Training Series consists of five distinct teachings on the Fivefold ministry.  We will begin the teachings with the office of the prophet. Looking at the prophet’s office in detail will provide every prophet the necessary equipping and training to advance you in who God called you to be.  

Join me for four consecutive Friday nights of the prophetic on July 23rd & 30th and Aug 6st and 13th for a glorious encounter. Don’t Miss It! Click The Link Below! 

For more information or to register, go to 

Class days are July 23rd & 30th and Aug 6st and 13th. 

Prophetic material written and published by Bishop R. S. Walker 


What you can expect to discover: 

  • Who you are as Prophet 
  • The Prophet’s Nature 
  • The Building of Prophets 
  • Why Apostles and Prophets resemble one another in Anointing 
  • The Prophet’s Gifting and Writing 
  • and much more . . . 

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