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Foundations of Prophetic Maturity (Paper Back)

Foundations of Prophetic Maturity (Paper Back)


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This book Foundations of Prophetic Maturity is geared toward beginners as well as the mature believer. It was birthed out of a need a Bishop from Rocky Mount, North Carolina had with his congregation. He asked if I could prepare material that would bring his Church from basic prophetic information to a more advanced stage where they would flow in the prophetic. My team and I eagerly set out to accomplish just that. It was at a time that God started to deal with me about Foundations of Prophetic Maturity. 
When we think about maturing any Body of people, it is necessary to start with six Blocks for building: 
Building their Pool of Information 
Learning outside of traditional realms of information 
Observing what is not taught in verbal forms 
Creating chemistry between you and your Spiritual Father/Mentor 
Knowing beyond what is seen in the sense realm 
Systems and principles that change facts 
Our objective is to cause every person that reads this book to mature and move in their prescribed realms of the prophetic.There are four realms of the prophetic: Basic Prophetic, Prophetic Gifting, Prophetic Ministry and the Office of the Prophet. We find that many people that feel they move in the prophetic are by no means moving at the level that God has prescribed for them. It is my desire, as Senior Prophet, to take every student and reader to the heights of understanding that God will permit and they have persistence to endure. 
God’s hand is upon you and me in this season to accomplish some amazing things, therefore, we have to pay the price for this next level of glory.


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