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Renaissance Prophet’s Manual Limited Teacher’s Edition (Paper Back)

Renaissance Prophet’s Manual Limited Teacher’s Edition (Paper Back)


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The Renaissance Prophet Teacher’s Edition 1 is a must-have for everyone who desires to grow in the prophetic. While training people, I see the problem that many confront in their prophetic walk. They feel inadequate. In this manual, I not only answer the hard questions that you face, some refuse to answer, but I also give the student, reader and teacher information that will equip them for success, empowerment, and enforce the assignment given to engage the anointing.
Prophets and prophetic people must go through five-season or die in the wilderness. This book teaches what those seasons are and how to go through them correctly and gracefully. Elisha had to master every season amid every distraction before he could come into his “double portion anointing.” Understanding the seasons will empower each person to take advantage of the anointing for that season and gain victory in every area of life.
The content of the three volumes of The Renaissance Prophet Teacher’s Edition comes from over thirty years of my training, studying, going through the process, making it through, failures, victories in areas of life, ministry, and I will not keep back anything that will be profitable to you.
My motto is and has always been “quitting is not an option, and learning never stops.” You may say, “this walk is so hard”! My answer to you through this book is “The way of the transgressor is hard.” (Proverbs 13:15). But if you “study to show yourself approved” (2Tim. 2:15). Your way becomes easier. Once you know how to gracefully function in concert with the power of declaration of God’s prophetic word, then the work becomes more manageable. There is nothing hard about being a prophet; the hard thing is not knowing what to do or how to do it, This book is a must-have because it shows the way.


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