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Raising Prophets of Character The New Release

Raising Prophets of Character
Prophets are in a challenging season, yet must push through like never before. Many are in a season of stagnation but, by the grace of God, he has empowered us to move beyond that place of hindrance.
What are you doing about where you find yourself? You can’t help the fact the enemy has attacked you, but you don’t have to stay under results of that attack. This is the season to rise up and move beyond everything that hinders you. We, at The Prophet Center and Bishop RS Walker Ministries, are here to help and anointed to do exactly that!
There is a grace that is available that pushes back! Grace is God’s divine ability given to mankind wherewith we are able to defeat every enemy that pushes against us. God said to the Apostle Paul, “my grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness”. When you find yourself failing, what grace do you access?  The Apostles could access the grace of Jesus. Paul states to every church he covered, “grace be to you and peace from God”. Those churches accessed the grace of Paul. Who are you connected to that you might have access to their grace?

Let’s learn more about the Prophet’s grace, and the Prophet’s reward in this upcoming class of “Raising Prophets of Character”.
You will find this Class to be both, rewarding and challenging as you give yourself wholly to this Prophetic Encounter and School of Prophets. There are many things to be learned in this venture of faith and the prophetic. Some of which will include, but certainly not limited to:
The New, Improved and 3rd Edition of Raising Prophets of Character 
Operation As A 21st Century Prophet
Shifting Seasons and Creating Manifestations
The Call of the Prophet
Realms of Prophecy
Conquering Prophetic Intimidation
The Authority of the Prophet
Operating In Your Prophetic Gifts
“Let’s Wake The Prophetic Up, and demonstrate what God has put on you and in you”.
I have every desire to treat you as one of my “mentees”. Jesus had Peter, James, and John; Paul had Timothy and Silas, and I have you. One of the greatest things Jesus did while on the earth was to give the disciples
a chance to use their gifts and develop them in it.
I want to offer you the same opportunity to partner with me long-term, and use your gifts as we go level-to-level and many places together in God.
[direct-stripe type=”subscription” amount=”55.00″ name=”Walking Prophetic Demonstration Training” description=”We are excited to present to you Bishop RS Walker Ministries School of Prophets.
Classes will be starting: Waldorf, September 19, 2017 at 7:00 P.M.
Baltimore – September 21, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. Early-Bird Special: Level 1, $150.00 – Ends July 30, 2017, Level 2, $150.00 – Ends August 15, 2017,
Subjects Include:
Prophetic Demonstration
Prophetic Activation,
Realms of Authority,
The Development of Prophets
Conquering Prophetic Intimidation
What Prophet Type Am I
There are so many more subjects we will Share in these classes.
Training The Trainer’s Class In Waldorf Maryland
Extra Saving One Payment Proteges Program Only
[direct-stripe type=”payment” amount=”17500″ name=”School of Prophets Protege” description=”TRAINING THE TRAINER’S CLASS IN WALDORF MARYLAND” capture=”true” display_amount=”true”]
Installment Click Here Proteges Program Only
[direct-stripe type=”subscription” amount=”8395″ name=”School of Prophets Trainer’s” description=”School of Prophets Trainers & Protege Program” capture=”true” display_amount=”true”]
Raising Prophets of Character Class In Baltimore, Maryland
Installment Click Here
[direct-stripe type=”subscription” amount=”5000″ name=”Raising Prophet of Character Baltimore Install” description=”Raising Prophet of Character Baltimore Installments Plan four of $50.00 ” capture=”true” display_amount=”true”]
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Raising Prophets of Character Class In Waldorf, Maryland
Extra One Payment Savings
[direct-stripe type=”payment” amount=”15000″ name=”Raising Prophets of Character” description=”Raising Prophets of Character Class In Waldorf Maryland” capture=”true” display_amount=”true”]
Installment Click Here
[direct-stripe type=”subscription” amount=”50.00″ name=”Raising Prophets of Character Install” description=”Raising Prophets of Character Installment Program
Four Payments of $50.00″ capture=”true” display_amount=”true”]
All Classes Are Available Online Live and pre-recorded
Swami gives a basis for success which says:
“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” What Swami said is what I have done all these years without knowing it was a key to success. I want to encourage you to do likewise.

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