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Becoming A Proven Prophetic Voice (Paper Back)

Becoming A Proven Prophetic Voice (Paper Back)


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Learn to take control of your Spiritual Growth: There are many things available that help one with hearing and knowing the voice of God and the discipline that it takes to accomplish it, but this newly developed paperback book produced by Bishop R. S. Walker excels them all. The book “Becoming A Proven Prophetic Voice” is one of many books that’s used in the “Bishop R. S. Walker Ministries School of the Prophets” to train people just like you to become more accurate in their hearing God. The Author, Bishop R. S. Walker has surely created a great tool to help those that are interested in growing spiritually, maturing, and being educated in the word. Bishop Ralph Dennis, Dr. Mike Freeman, the late Apostle Betty Peebles and many other Pastors have members that appreciate and have grown by using this tremendous book in their own lives. We have seen the hearts of many people encouraged because they went from confused in what and how they were hearing to hearing accurately enough to grow in the things of God and share the word with others.


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