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Reinventing Yourself PT1

Reinventing Yourself PT1


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This week’s class focus was taken from Chapter 4 of the Book, “One Called From Among Them – Strategies for Re-Inventing Yourself”.  The lecture was spotlighted on reinventing yourself.  Bishop Walker echoed the importance of getting our internal development.  This information is shared in Chapters 1-3 in the book.

Content shared previously for internal development:

  • Your Past – What have taken place in your pass.
  • Decisiveness – This inability must be removed to make proper decisions. If we do not remove decisiveness, it will kill our productivity. We have to face and conquer that battle to be successful.
  • Success principles – A. Make a decision quickly  B. Change decisions slowly

When arriving to a particular place in life and more is needed; we must discern that something has to change.  One critical change is skill set — we cannot operate in the same skill set if we are going to make a change.  Developing a new skill is a part of reinventing yourself; meaning upgrade your information. Find new ways of doing things.

A good example is technology. We cannot be afraid of technology!  Hence, be left behind.


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