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Rooted and Built Up In Christ CD & DVD Set

Rooted and Built Up In Christ CD & DVD Set


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How do we grow?

Growth doesn’t happen by happenstance; we make the decision on purpose to grow. Far too often, we are hindered in life, because we don’t grow the way God desires or expects. That being said, it becomes clear that God wants us and expects us to grow. It doesn’t just happen, you have to do something to grow. Name five things you are purposely doing daily to grow in God.

When God put a mandate upon me to teach on this, I realized that the battle was on! God said there were people that are presently operating in as mature believers that are being defeated in certain areas of their lives and ministries all because they missed some things they should have received early on.

This complete set of DVDs or CDs you must get! People of all Christian levels have been blessed tremendously by hearing and heeding the things mentioned in this series.  This series is the most quested series we have, Get your copy now!



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