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The Power of Praying In The Spirit PT2

The Power of Praying In The Spirit PT2

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The Power of Praying In The Spirit” Pt2 is part of a MP3 Instant Download Series that will transform your life, Your Family, and anything you need transformed.

To transform your world around you, it is imperative for you to use three prayers; we will attempt to talk about each one over the 5-MP3s. Today most of our time will be invested in “Praying In The Spirit”. Your life will change drastically, if you identify the keys and do them.

Most of us pray in English all the time, what people should make a habit of doing, is praying in their prayer language; that is, praying in the Spirit. If you would dare to use your prayer language, which the enemy does not understand, you will defeat your enemy every time; Thus, you would change your world around you.

Whatever the challenge you may be experiencing, it can be changed by the power of your praying in the spirit. Don’t ever think that change is not possible, you simply just need the to pray in the spirit and watch God’s glorious power bring the change.

In this series of teaching you learn all the above and more.  Get it now and start unveiling the glorious 10 mysteries revealed by praying in the spirit!


Bishop RS Walker Ministries