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Yielding To God’s Clarion Call (Ebook)

Yielding To God’s Clarion Call (Ebook)


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The glory of the Lord will rise and be seen upon His people for darkness will cover the earth and thick darkness will be on the people. We are in the time where we will see greater realms of glory while also seeing the areas of darkness affecting the people.


“Yielding To God’s Clarion Call” is a tremendous project Bishop RS Walker taught in one of the Schools of the Prophets. Understanding God’s desire for us to yield to the call on our lives and what He desires to see in the earth in this hour mandated Bishop to begin writing on this subject.

You will come to understand what has happened to you as a Prophet, prophetic people, and Christians at large. “Something Has to Happen to You” was one of the chapters that I think was life-changing for many as they heard and read the pages. The question is, “Why did you go through your challenge during the time of your development?

I don’t know a prophet yet that did not have to eventually embrace what God has deposited in them. The chapter “Embracing The Prophet in You” was birthed out of that idea. Here you are with all of these dreams, visions, and God encounters, hearing things that later manifest, and you don’t know who to talk to about it. Well, that provoked me to write on this subject. Let me be the first to tell you, “You are not crazy, but you are very prophetic.”

If you desire to grow to the next level, you must have this book. Get this book and never be the same again. You will understand not only who you are prophetically, but you will also come to understand the process of development. “Yielding To God’s Clarion Call” must be in your library of prophetic books.



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