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Tag: Bishop RS Walker

Get Answers Now To Your Dream?

What an amazing Book on Dreams and Visions, “Dreams and Revelations of the Lord! Understanding God’s communication system. This is a serious tool for dreamers and their dream Interpretation. This book comes equipped with: 1.  A review section at the end of every chapter, 2.  31 days of journaling your

Master Your Moment, Before Your Moment Masters You!

I was in prayer on the morning of September 20, 2017, and God arrested my attention and spoke to me very specifically saying, “I want you to write on the subject of moments.” Because the moment has been so abused, misused, and not recognized from the existence of time. God

Awakening Prophetic Generations

“Awaken The Prophet In You” Video Session taught by, Senior Prophet, Bishop RS Walker! Join Us Online At The Prophet Center There is a great need for Prophetic Training in this time and season. Understanding the mandate on my life, I have put together one of my most requested training