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Down through the years, I have been observing how we as prophets flow, the prophecies we give, and the people to whom we prophesy. I have also observed the lack of fulfillment the people of God are experiencing and seems as if they don’t understand the reason why.

The sad reality is, some of the prophets that are ministering the prophecies also don’t know why there is no fulfillment. Yes, they do guess at it, but what I have found through much investigation is, approximately 80% of the people that prophesy are clueless about the faith component that should accompany their prophecy. Sadly enough, very few prophets even have their faith developed.

In this book, we will show you how to get your prophecy manifested. Too many people, prophets included just have not understood enough about the conditions of prophecy and the recipient’s involvement in order for manifestation to happen. Some have treated prophecy as if it was a word of wisdom which is an event already scheduled by God, prophecy is different. Look inside let’s learn a little more…