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Joseph Principle Book (Paper Back)

Joseph Principle Book (Paper Back)


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In this tremendous book “The Joseph Principle” we talk about tapping your success for tomorrow.  
For years I did not understand strategies to succeed in life. But when I learned, I decided I would tell everyone that would listen.  
There is a principle that goes into motion when you use up all of you have: nobody gives anything else to you. Nobody gave anything to the prodigal son once he left his father’s house and became wasteful. How can you be in such a position, where no one gives to you? Ask any beggar on the street. Thousands if not millions of us pass them by and never give them a dime. Do you know why? There is nothing that they possess that puts a demand on our money.  
When you or anyone shows up with a vision, there is a demand that is put on people’s money. Christian or not, there is a demand that is put on their money—not put on them necessarily. God has arranged all of this. If we are tithers or give to charities regularly and we have a vision, then we become money/success magnets. There is a demand that is placed on other people’s money (OPM) because we have a vision. Therefore, you have to make sure you have a vision. Somebody is looking for you, and they want to give to you. They even want to invest in what you are doing, but they have to know you have a vision that is worth their investment in you. You have to know you are going somewhere in life!  
Do you understand the 80/20 principle or the 70/30 principle? Do you realize next year you should not be living off a 70/30 principle or beneath your privileges? If you obey the Laws of God you could be living off a 60/40 principle. God starts to get interested in my goals because he sees that I have made a decision to increase my income—I didn’t say my salary—I am increasing my income and decreasing some expenses for things that I really don’t need. Things such as fast food is going to run strait through you, so you don’t need to spend money on it and still be hungry by the time you leave work.  
This book is a must have for the Library of the person serious about their development of a better lifestyle or just seeking various strategies. In this book I deal with some of the strategies I had to put in place in order come out of a life of financial stagnation. Get your copy Today!


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