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Mastering Your Moment Paperback Book

Mastering Your Moment Paperback Book


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I was in prayer on the morning of September 20, 2017, and God arrested my attention and spoke to me very specifically saying, “I want you to write on the subject of moments.” Because the moment has been so abused, misused, and not recognized from the existence of time. God wanted me to send a strong message to the Body of Christ and the world at large.

The message is this: We are entering the shifting of a season that is totally pregnant with your possibility, potential, and purpose. We are living in our finest hour; and God is on the verge of shifting our families, our children, our lives, our finances, our ministries, our businesses, and all we have in our hands.

This is the time, ideas come to us that will shift the culture in which we live. This is as the renaissance period when new technologies will erupt, new ideas will hit the forefront, and it will change the nation in which we live. God said “I would like to bring it in, though the Body of Christ but the mentality of the Body of Christ has to shift from the immature state in which it presently exists.

I have already released many of the ideas, to my Body, but they have not believed. They have been more conscious of what has been, that they are on the verge of missing another moment, I have presented to them. Don’t let the fears of your past hinder what I am doing next; what’s next will baffle the minds of many, if my body releases and reveals the ingenious ideas I have given them.

The goal is not to be rich, but it is the results of obeying what I have given you. The goal is changing this nation, and bringing the fresh ideas that I have given to my body to change it.

No, many will not believe you have a cutting-edge product that will change the Body of Christ and the Nation; they have grown accustomed to recycling what has been, but I have given you an idea that is fresh and cutting-edge. It does have to be released before the Body of Christ will get the credit and the nation will be changed.

For that reason, I have created moments and made them available to you, for your benefit. The moments are totally Pregnant with Potential, Possibility, and Purpose. These moments are time sensitive; Don’t let the time run out on the moment I have allotted to you! This is more than a book; This is a prophecy.


Bishop RS Walker Ministries

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