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Join Us In A Free Class – We Have Completely Revamped The School of Prophets For 2020

Recalibrating The Focus of Prophetic, Apostolic, and Intercessory Teams – Our Days of Separation Are Over.

This three-tier series is a must-have as it deals with what the Prophet, Apostle, and Intercessor look like in the 21st Century.  We have completely revamped the School of Prophet’s training course to shape, even reshape the 21st-Century Prophet, Apostle, and Intercessor. This three-tier training program, consisting of three books for each tier, will prove

to develop the Prophetic, Apostolic and Intercessory person thoroughly as well as individuals involved with intercession and mature them purposefully. This program will help you to understand the Mantles, will bring you into their purpose, how to handle them, and what they mean.

We will deal with the principles of the prophetic, apostolic, and priestly and prophetic intercession.  We will illustrate how each life is geared around the principles of the Word.  We will discuss which spiritual laws should be lived out by anyone that walks out the prophetic, apostolic, and the Intercessor’s life, whether it be Basic Prophetic, Prophetic Gifting,  Prophetic Ministry, or the office of the Prophet.  As you gain an understanding of what these messages hold, your life is bound to be changed by the power of God!


Developing You From The Inside Out

We have developed nine books cram loaded with material that is purposed to give you a complete development that every Apostle, Prophet, and Intercessor needs to be effective in their calling and assignment. We have fine-tuned our program to a

three-year development system. If one follows the program completely through to the end, they will be equipped for the job they need to carry out.

Bishop RS Walker has developed people in the five-fold ministry and those in leadership over the past 29 years. He has been known as a man of order and has developed people accordingly. Bishop, who serves in the capacity of senior prophet, has given special attention to the office of the prophet over the past 20 years. Bishop RS Walker has raised thousands of prophetic people that have come through the School of Prophets, many of which have gone on to do their own prophetic and apostolic assignments.

You may be an Apostle, Prophet, or Intercessor who desires to be more productive. This complete training program will shift your life in an amazing way. There are three books for every tier; these books have been carefully thought through to ensure your development would be thorough and unhindered by any force.



Interactive Discussion

You will undoubtedly enjoy the discussion time that we have developed in the prophetic training which includes a question and answer session. Studies prove that more people leave lecture-base forums with more questions than they can get answered. Therefore, we inserted more discussion time in our format to eliminate the lingering questions that follow you home.

Over the past three years, we have equipped several trainers, through our prophetic protege’ program, that have developed tremendous insight through our collaboration sessions and the meeting of the prophet’s minds. If you desire to be productive and operate effectively, such prophetic insight is not something you can do without!



Live Online Access Wherever You Are

Over the past few years, we have committed ourselves to take the School of Prophets to our Online Audience. Hosting the School of Prophets live online has opened the door to many other cities and states outside our region on the east coast. We have one of the most reliable streaming companies that enable us to take our signal into homes all over the world. However, online training does require the recipient to have good internet speed as well. I want to welcome some of the other trainers to the team. Having other qualified Prophets, Apostles, and Intercessors affords us to not only host the School of Prophets at Heritage Church International, our headquarters but also take it to many churches around the United States. We assist them in building their prophetic, apostolic, and intercessory teams. As we have already developed over 30 books for our use, we have also committed to writing books tailored to the churches that call us in for assistance that meets the need of their church.



Encounter The Experience and The Added Value With New Skilled Team Members

Many of the Prophets, Apostles, and Intercessors we are adding to our regular School of Prophets team, the graduations, and Prophetic Calibration Conferences are second to none. This season we have added some of the best team members and trainers so you can not fail in your development. Bishop RS Walker Ministries School of Prophets has added the following members to our team: Prophet LaSonja Coleman, Apostle LaTanya Jimerson, Prophet Tony Powell. Prophets and prayer warriors, Trudy Crawford and Melissa Coleman, Intercessors such as Laurence & Meosia Wison, and Gwen Stewart, as well as many of our long-time veterans and Protege trainers that have been with our team for years!



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