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The Man, The Ministry, and His Mountain!

A great deal of what I normally write about has everything to do with the prophetic.  but As I sat in this hour meditating here on tonight and I began to think about The “Covenant Keeper Men’s Ministry” of Heritage Church International and men in the Body of Christ at large, and it is clear there’s a problem. We have the answer.

Many people, particularly men, may not even understand the season in which the man he finds himself. You see him glaring into space and want him to just talk. Not understanding, a man only begins to talk once he has a clear answer.

While women, on the other hand, talk their way to their answer. Why can’t this man just do it the way you the woman would?  He is simply not wired that way! It is just not how he is wired!

Men are challenged, and their sons are challenged, which brings a tremendous pressure on the woman in their lives. But, Nevertheless, we have your answer! Understanding that these things, it brings me to want to write about “The Man, The Ministry, and His Mountain.”

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Are you a man that is greatly challenged, and just need some answers?

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The Man,

For years men have been challenged based on what the very special woman in their lives have thought about them; have said to them;  and the silent message that she sends many times without knowing.

Men have been challenged by people in his surroundings, but nothing has challenged a man like the thoughts of the woman that has his heart. Words that she speaks cut like a dagger but likewise the encouragement that she gives could do does more than anything that she could even imagine. The Man is so strong, but many times so weak and vulnerable to the one that has his heart.

The Ministry,

Everyman has a ministry deep within. Many times with what rides them on the surface hides the ministry that lives there inside of them. Often they find the purpose that lies within a challenge to be accomplished because of the difficulty they face daily. When you see the man that prefers to hide behind the purpose of another question whether or not there is a Ministry they are consciously are ignoring.

When Ministry calls there is no hiding! But However, often, men hide very well they do a good job camouflaging it because of the pressure they encounter. There is the pressure of family, pressure finances, pressure marriage, the pressure of Friends’, or even pressure of the job. And These are many pressures that man men encounter on a daily basis. To add ministry onto that many of those pressures seems foolish in the mind of many men. There are those These are times when a man thinks after all the pressures of his day:

  • Who is there to give me to encourage me?
  • Who is there to lift my load?
  • Who is there to do what I need?

That is the time the man looks to his side and reaches for the wife or the special woman that has his heart. Many times she has her own challenges in her thinking like: thinks I have my own battle;  I’m going through something that I am trying to handle; I can’t serve you when I’m so vulnerable. The woman’s battle must be realized, and it must be understood by the man but, by no means does that eliminate the man’s challenge, what does Amanda do?

The Mountain,

This is where the man comes face-to-face with this mountain. A very good question is what does a man do? The answer to that question greatly depends on several things:

  1. Can he push past the pressure?
  2. What is the level of his integrity?
  3. How much he depends on his God.
  4. Does he love her, and is he committed to the relationship/marriage enough to look beyond his need?

The When a man is face-to-face before his mountain, will he conquer this mountain or will he be crushed by the mountain? God has designed everyman to be a “Covenant Keeper”.  Bishop RS Walker and Michael Barnes are challenging me to the covenant keepers at this year’s “Men’s Advance 2017”.  Not only are we challenging men, but we’re equipping them to take a stand and be that #Covenant Keeper that we know that lives within them.

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