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24/7 Walking In Prophetic Demonstration Video Program

Prophetic demonstration video training program, you will have complete access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. On this site, we are loading every video from the eight-week class, “Walking In Prophetic Demonstration.”
In the class, Walking in prophetic demonstration, we will major on the anointing, and how it works. We will also talk about manifesting as a prophet, and demonstrate your prophetic gifting at a maximized level. With our teaching programs, we are developing people from foundational levels to preaching, teaching, prophesying prophets of character.
The videos our site will display, will work on all your devices. Where ever you are, you no longer have to carry CDs and DVDs, all your videos, from all classes, are now at your fingertips. For one low monthly amount, you can now watch all the updated training classes whenever you like.
If you are currently enrolled in the class, Walking In Prophetic Demonstration” you will have this resource available to you for only $12.95, otherwise it will be the full low price of 29.95. Either way, you are getting a 70% saving on this video program.

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  1. The Prophetic Demonstration class has been amazing! Looking forward to continuing to grow in the prophetic.