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The Prophetic & Intercession merger

I am writing with the hope that you will rise up and stir the gifts that lie within you. To awaken you to the call, the purpose, and the anointing that awaits you is the reason I am so eager to write this message. Amazing things happen with a person when their purpose is realized. Energy seems to arise out nowhere, all because, you have a sense of purpose. New realities are on the horizon, while feelings of laziness start to dissipate.
To awaken people, to refocus and bring them in alignment with purpose, is the real goal of this message. Everything around you will start coming to life when you refocus who you are, and the reason you are in the earth. When God started the process of shaping you, he started something wonderful, and never gives up on what he has in mind. Scripture says, “the good work he has begun in you, he will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”
The awakening is a time of searching ourselves; desiring to do something about the gifts we know are in there is what the search is about. We have been sleeping on what God has given us, yet he still desires, for us to come to a change, where we are passionate about what he desires for our lives. There are gifts, purpose, callings, and so much more that God desires to wake up in us.  We have been so locked down by religion, that we have not thought outside the box of religion, and that is the thing that put us to sleep and hindered movement in our lives. For which cause, the gifts of God are lying dormant within us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not absent, neither are your motivational gifts, though they seem nonexistent.
You are an amazing, gifted, and talented person; created in the image of God, for that reason you have much for which to live. Being educated on the inventory that comes as a gift inside you, will surely, eliminate whatever low self-worth you are experiencing in your life.  I was reading an article in reference to low self-worth. Glamour’s finding was as follows “You are a fat, worthless pig.” “You’re too thin. No man is ever going to want you.” “Ugly. Big. Gross.” Horrifying comments on some awful website? The rant of an abusive, controlling boyfriend? No; shockingly, these are the actual words young women are saying to themselves on any typical day. For some, such thoughts are fleeting, but for others, this dialogue plays on a constant, punishing loop, according to a new exclusive Glamour survey of more than 300 women of all sizes. Our research found that, on average, women have 13 negative body thoughts daily—nearly one for every waking hour. And a disturbing number of women confess to having 35, 50 or even 100 hateful thoughts about their own shapes each day.
Our experiment went like this: We challenged young women across the country to note every negative or anxious thought they had about their bodies over the course of one full day. The results shocked us: A whopping 97 percent admitted to having at least one “I hate my body” moment.”
There are people that only you can reach; they are wrestling every day with low self-worth! If you are the only one that can reach them, but you are asleep, how will they be reached and change for the better? They can’t be reached! The Bible says, “faith comes by hearing” and when you hear the word on awakening through our conferences, workshops, other events your faith for will wake up those areas of your life, where you are been asleep.
I have been hearing the Lord for some time saying, “wake up the giants that are sleeping”. God has been talking to me about many in the Body of Christ that have their gifts lying dormant.  Prophets are not prophesying, Intercessors that not praying, apostle that are establishing order because they are not in order themselves. Business people are displaced, people, in general, are walking about with no real sense of who they are.
I have a mandate from God, To teach them the power of the crossroad of prophetic gifting and Prayer.  There is an intersection between prophetic gifting, and prayer that must come together. The tragedy is, people, in general, don’t know how to pray. As a result, they are defeated in their lives and are clueless about the problem they’re facing.
When you come understand the power both, in your mouth and in prayer, a defeated life goes out the window. Pastors, teach your people how to pray, or bring us in and we will teach them. Teach them about the prophetic word that lives in their mouths, once again, or bring us in and we will teach them.  I have lived a defeated life for years, but I learned the power of the prophetic word, coupled with prayer in my mouth. Ephesians chapter six mentions, “praying with all prayers” and when Paul speaks of that, it means there’s more than one kind of prayer to use.  As a matter of fact, there are nine different kinds of prayer mentioned in the Word of God. We talked about that in a Video/Audio series, feel free to get the MP4/MP3 instant download on my website at under the products tab.

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