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What God Revealed To Me In Prayer

While in prayer a few weeks ago, God revealed some very special things to me, and I want to write about those things in this blog. Normally God speaks to me in paragraphs, this time he spoke to me in a one liner. I heard the word “The Prophet Center”. After hearing that I begin to press in a little more into prayer, praying in the spirit and I saw a sign with the same word “The Prophet Center”.  Most of those that know me, understand that the prophetic is my life. Twenty-three years ago I gave my life to operating in the prophetic.
Many of the things that we will talk about in these upcoming classes this summer and fall beginning in September, will reveal great measures of revelation in the area of what God spoke to me about just a few weeks ago. The Prophet Center that God dealt with me about, it has everything to do with building a resource center for Prophets and prophetic people to engage. We are creating a safe environment for Prophets and prophetic people to release the revelation of the Lord given to them by God. A place where they can be sharpened, as well as sharpen others. Where does a prophet go to become fine-tuned, or to fine tune others?
It is called The Prophet Center!
So often Prophets and prophetic people are unable to share the things that God revealed to them. One of the reasons is, things God reveals to Prophets and prophetic people are normally controversial issues in many cases. Other times, they may be things that need to be judged before released; in either case, a safe environment is necessary.
This season God has a desire to create that safe environment where Prophets and prophetic people could be themselves reveal the revelation that God has deposited deep within them, as well as receive information that challenges their growth on a different level than they’re able to experience in the average church setting.
The Prophet Center initially will be an online resource for Prophets, prophetic people, as well as apostolic people to come and be challenged in the things of God. Something that provokes growth at a different level, something that stirs the prophet and prophetic person from within — I’m sure it has been created prior to now, but there are just not enough of those kinds of places.
There are yet encounters with God, Prophets, prophetic and apostolic people are yet to have. Though the environment is a Christian safe environment, normally it is not a prophetically safe environment. I see levels of prophetic error, disorder, and immaturity in the prophetic that seems to be ignorantly permitted in many church settings. A Christian safe environment would tend to kill those that operate in error, but a prophetically safe environment will correct and train them that are in error. Here we are in a season of great revelation, yet not all environments are presently safe for the prophetic word of the Lord to be released in a timely manner before earth knows that she needs it. Even before the church knows that she needs the word that God is releasing in this particular time.  Well, God has spoken in my heart to create The Prophet Center — a safe environment where you can come online, wherever you are in the world, to hear, be challenged and have prophetic encounters as God intended it.
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