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Prophetic Intercession Room

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As we discuss Prophetic Intercession. The Hebrew Word for INTERCESSION is PAGA and is defined as to meet with an outcome or a meeting with an outcome. “Paga” represents one of the strongest Old Testament words for asking. It’s also used to describe a violent meeting.

Note: Another word for ask is to demand! When we speak and act on the word of God, we are placing a demand on the anointing. We are placing a demand on what rightfully belongs to us. Matthew 11:12 says that the violent take what rightfully belongs to him by force. Job 6:25 says “How Forcible are right words” and Psalm 33:4 say’s “The Word of the Lord is RIGHT. When we put these thoughts together we find that as we speak forth God’s word in prayer, we apply a violent force to the situations and circumstances that oppose the will of God for our lives and simultaneously place a demand on the anointing to perform in our lives or those we are interceding for.

Prophetic Action and Declaration:

Prophetic Intercession has to do with us as Prophetic

people moving in the realm of Intercession from a Prophetic standpoint. Then we have Prophetic Action and Declaration that releases God in a situation or area. When God wants to do something, he gets a Prophet to whom he has given local, regional, national or international authority over a land to speak forth prophetically.

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