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Is The School of Prophets a Necessity

The School of Prophets originated from a request; Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, seeing the call and anointing in 1999 on the life of then Rodney S Walker Sr., asked him to teach on the prophetic. Realizing the problems that existed in the prophetic, Prophet RS Walker knew the areas that needed to be covered, if the church’s solution would be realized.
The disorder that existed in the church was a direct result of untrained, unequipped, and undisciplined people that operated in the prophetic. The people meant well, but they lacked understanding; “I know it because I was one of them that caused the disorder” says Prophet RS Walker in his book, The New Raising Prophets of Character.
The prophet goes on to exclaim, “I knew disorder was a direct result of lack of understanding and lack of development. This kind of disorder brought chaos in many churches, consequently, increased the frustration in the lives of leaders who lead those churches. Such disorder could have been eliminated by proper teaching, training, and equipping in the area of prophetic ministry. Reasonably speaking, pastors simply could not spend that much time on just that one area of ministry. My being equipped to train those in the prophetic and having proper understanding has armed me to bring a needed solution to the church.
Helping many churches over the past 20 years, I know the solution that I bring to the church works and changes things for the better. Training, mentoring, and equipping has proved to be the solution for many of them which operate in the prophetic. Pastors have been looking for a solution for years, but have not really found anything that was a win-win for both, the church and its partners. Eliminating the prophetic side of ministry was not helping because the gift in the people wouldn’t die—elimination was never God’s answer.
A church that loved its people and desired to operate in peace and order, what was the answer? The answer is the School of Prophets. We reveal to the prophet and the prophetic person’s purpose; doing so gives them a sense of value, that value aids them in changing their outbursts. Helping them to understand why they act uniquely different, gives them a sense of worth and belonging, then we help them to shape that worth. As we build character in them, it removes the frustration from the leaders. The leaders are able to have a greater level of confidence in their operating, therefore, the leaders have a desire to release their prophets and prophetic people into purposeful living within the church. Therein, the School of prophets has found its purpose within the local church to serve it as God has planned it.

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  1. The inroduction truly answered the many questions I had about my call. The word was scripturally sound
    and I was truly blessed. I have been seeking God about His desire for my next steps in ministry and spiritual growth. God answered first by your signs in the community and then this video on LinkedIn as I was scrolling through the posts.

    1. Hey Maxine!
      Thank you, for responding to the blog. There is so much more that will bless your life inside this site. One of the greatest things we do is showing people how not to die in the wilderness.
      Take advantage of the Free membership.